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ELOC Printing Press was established in 1901 by the then Finnish Missionaries who arrived in Namibia on 09 July 1878. The purpose to establish the printing is to teach people how to read and write. The ELOC Priting Press is one of the institutions which belongs to the ELCIN Church in Namibia.

When the ELCIN became autonomous in 1954, the Printing Press was handed over to the Church on 22 March 1972 and Mr Moses Amkongo was the first local Director. He is now on retirement, and Joek Akudhenga took over.

ELOC Priting Press is still well managed. It is also financial independent. The Printing Press owns a Bookshop that is located at Oniipa, near Ondangwa. The Bookshop has its two branches, one at Oshakati and another at Okahao in the far west. It also has a Mobile Shop which travels from place to place to bring books to other areas in the country.

ELOC Printing Press employed 28 employees, men and women.

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